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लाभले आम्हास भाग्य बोलतो मराठी 

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Upcoming Events

गुढी पाडवा - मराठी नूतन वर्षारंभ

We invite you all to join us on this auspicious occasion along with friends and family! 


Venue: HCS temple (small hall)

1595 N. French Road, Getzville, NY 14068

Date : Sunday, March 18th 2018

Timing: 12 pm to 5 pm. 


With RSVP :-

$10 per family

$5 single admission

Without RSVP / On Door:-
$15 per family
$10 single admission

Kindly RSVP no later than: 5th of March 


Hope to see you all there!

President's Message

नमस्कार बफेलो मधील मराठी मित्रांनो


With the advent of 2018, your BMMP Executive team and Board like to take this opportunity and wish everyone a Blissful New Year!

Today is Makar Sankranti (January 14th) and am sure everyone is excited and looking to celebrate with traditional तिळगुळ and गुळाचीपोळी! Wish all a Happy Sankaranti, तिळगुळ घ्या गोडगोड बोला !!

As we near our 1st Year commemoration of BMMP, formed with everyone’s love and enthusiastic support, I convey my sincerest gratitude to everyone.

Please be assured our 2018 BMMP team is already working hard at organizing a diverse set of events and activities where all can participate and enjoy. On the back of a remarkable 2017 (thanks to last years team!) our focus in 2018 is maturing beyond past events into bringing members from every walk of life together, we'll keep communicating from time to time in regards.

The foundation of every community is its people, diversity and a strong socio-cultural fabric that ties them together. We encourage current and aspiring members to please visit online at www.buffalomarathi.org and sign up for 2018 membership at earliest (PayPal also being made available). In case if you prefer, can also sign up in person by getting in touch with our General Secretary (Rohit Thankur), Treasurer (Atul Joshi) or Cultural Secretary (Prachee Thatte) who can gladly accommodate any requests.

Looking forward to the camaraderie and an ALL inclusive community that prides itself in MEE MARATHI !


आपला विनम्र,

संदीप कुलकर्णी

President BMMP


Deepak and Madhura Kelkar

 मराठी पाउल पढ़ते पूढे !  याचे प्रतीक म्हणजे बफेलो मराठी मित्र परिवार. खरेतर हे एक मंडळ नसून कूटुंबच आहे आणि मी या कूटुंबचा एक भाग आहे याचा मला आनंदच आहे. इतके कमी मराठी लोक असताना सुद्धा, एकत्र येवून साता समुद्रपालिकडे मराठी संस्कृति जोपासतात आणि नवीन मराठी सभासदाना आपल्या कूटुंबचा एक भाग समजतात, ह्याचा मला आनंद आहे .

Hema and Uday Dixit

We came to Buffalo in 1990,since then have been active in Marathi mandal.  We have seen the marathi community and mandal increase in strength over these years. We are happy to see young crowd and kids participating, and activites like Marathi Classes.

Yogesh and Mamta Sable

A home away from home.

We moved to Buffalo, in 2016 summer. We got introduced to this group thru' family friend. We were so glad to find libertarian people and egalitarian culture. Sometimes, its your serendipity when you meet like minded people away from home.

Shounak and Niharika Gore

साता समुद्रापार नायगरा नदीकाठी 

मायेची उब बफेलो मराठी |

दिवाळी गणपतीला जेव्हा घराची आठवण दाटी 

तेव्हा प्रेमाने जवळ घेणारी बफेलो मराठी ||

Amogh & Sujata Kango

 There are a lot of Marathi folks in Buffalo who are energetic, enthusiastic and fun loving. Some of the self motivated ones performed social  gatherings on a smaller scale earlier as well. However there was no official platform to bind all the the Marathi folks of Buffalo. I feel that Buffalo Marathi Mitra Parivar is going to be that long awaited platform to play this role and we can look forward to much more, now that the Parivar is officially forming up! 


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